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Worldwide Cybelian Movement


There are Cybelian followers in 105 countries Worldwide.

The Three Pillars

of Cybelian Toiletry

In a Cybelian marriage, the wife using the man as a toilet is the primary tool of female domination. However, there are two other aspects involved, which make up the three pillars of human toiletry. The three pillars are Harmony, Health and World Peace.



The wife using the husband as a toilet every day and having him drink her urine ensures a harmonious marriage without arguments and with far less divorces. It enables the wife to dominate the man in the most positive way and thus ensure his constant submission to her at all times.



Given that women live longer then men, having the man drink his wife's urine contributes to his good health by way of urine therapy as espoused by Ayurvedic medicine. It is good for sinus & chest congestion, is a powerful cleansing agent for the digestive tract, can be used as eye-drops, an effective gargle for sore throats, and can be used topically to cleanse wounds. It is also good to treat skin conditions. There are also many cases of it curing serious illnesses.



The act of being urinated on has a subduing affect on the male personality, thus ensuring a significant reduction in male aggression. If this practice is eventually adopted by all politicians, military personel and World leaders, the chances of wars breaking out would be greatly reduced.

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