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Worldwide Cybelian Movement


There are Cybelian followers in 105 countries Worldwide.

Cybelianism Today

Today, with Cybelianism, the very same circumstances are extant. The movement is a secular organisation and as such is perfectly able to co-exist with established religions and philosophies, in exactly the same way as does Humanism. The Cybelian Movement advocates exactly the same activities which some might regard as excesses of behaviour. The only difference is that the modern Cybelian cult exists in the enlightened society of today wherein almost any type of behaviour is tolerated. Consequently, the Cybelian lifestyle is tame in comparison to many modes of behaviour that are today acceptable in some modern societies and cultures.



Religious faith, like philosophy, had to start at some point in time. In some ways it was a question of fulfilling a need for an omnipotent Creator - who would reward kindness and punish sin. It is a simple matter to believe in a Creator. Discounting the "big-bang" theory, which doesn't hold water as being the primary event in the Universe, one is left with the inescapable conclusion that nothing can come from nothing. Therefore someone or something had to start it all. This entity we call God. Whatever gender we apply to the Creator - male, female or asexual - really doesn't matter. If there is indeed a God, he/she/it is above gender. Today we can grasp that notion, but throughout the milennia much simpler cultures had difficulty in conceiving of a deity without gender, and so they attached male or female characteristics to the deity they worshipped. In a way, somewhat ironic - in that whereas humans are supposed to be made in the Deity's image, humanity has strived to make the Deity in its own image. Cybelians lean towards the concept of the Deity being female.



Religious faith owes its existance to philosophy of one sort or another. In fact, it came into being, and still exists, on the back of philosophy and moral tenets. Ancient Greek society has been called the cradle of civilisation. Many of the earliest philosophers were part of ancient Greek culture, the most notable of which were Sophocles, Aristotle, Socrates, Pliny, Plato and Hippocrates. It was a truly golden age of philosophy; of civilisation. However, philosophy itself did not originate with the Greeks; it started thousands of years earlier with the Chinese. Some markings were found on the back of a tortoise, which were subsequently named Trigrams. These were formed into eight separate three-line Trigrams with different meanings. It has been called the earliest written utterance of the mind of Man. As time went by, the eight three-line Trigrams were formed into 64 six-line figures called Hexagrams. These were used for divination, and when compiled in a book were called the I Ching, or Book of Changes. About the same time as the Cybelian cult appeared in Rome, Confucius wrote what are called the Commentaries to the I Ching, and they form part of the I Ching as we know it today.


Cybelianism has much in common with the I Ching, and it is fair to say that a lot of Cybelian beliefs are based on the I Ching. One of the primary tenets of the I Ching is that if we go with nature, we will succeed. If we go against nature, we will fail - and indeed disaster may occur. This is only common-sense, after all, but in these modern days many fail to grasp that concept. For milennia, the World has been run by patriarchal societies, enforced by the superior physical attributes of males. The result has been failure after failure, war after war, and disaster after disaster. Patriarchal society just doesn't work. Plainly, it is far more natural for societies to be matriarchal - women are more well-balanced and in reality are the stronger sex. Then there is the question of human sexuality and propagation of the species. Males have always promulgated the notion that it is in the order of things for men to be promiscuous and women not. The truth is completely the reverse. A man can only attend to one woman at a time, whereas a woman can attend to several men at the same time. Therefore it accords with Nature for women to have multiple partners, and men not. There are many other instances in which Cybelian tenets compare favourably with the I Ching, but to outline them all would take pages.



Throughout history, there are countless ways in which women have been disadvantaged solely as an accident of birth - through being born women, rather than men! The World's patriarchal societies have always placed a premium on male children, regarding female births as a form of bad-luck. Part of the problem has been the notion that a male child would grow into a contributory member of society, whereas a female child would be only a burden - needing to be looked-after first by her parents and then by a husband. There was a certain logic in this, in that women were restricted from many occupations by virtue of their gender, and therefore had to be "looked after" through no fault of their own. Sadly, this led to all forms of ill-treatment of women by men, who regarded their womenfolk as liabilities and resented them accordingly. The problem persists in modern times, albeit to a less-widespread degree. In many societies, women are still restricted from education and work. Even in the enlightened Western World, women are still disadvantaged in the workplace. Per capita, they earn less money than their male counterparts for the same work. This is grossly unfair but more importantly, it has led to the perpetuation of male ill-treatment of women. In some parts of the World, girl children are killed shortly after birth. Many men still beat their wives, and abuse them verbally and sexually. Millions of women are financial slaves to their husbands, incapable of escaping miserable and often highly dangerous lives of abuse. They literally have nowhere to go; no-one to help them.


When I formed the Cybelians, I was desirious of doing two things - turning it into a Global female supremacy movement, and providing an effective tool for action for abused and disadvantaged women. Women are needed in every country in the World, to form part of the Cybelian tomorrow we are creating - a tomorrow where women will no longer be afraid of men, and in which they will be in control of a new - matriarchal - society. For the present, there is a lot of work to be done. The problems women still face are chiefly that of incest, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, rape, sex-slavery, unfair wages, poor education, and oppression. We are working on many ways to end those problems. We need all the help we can get, and to this end we accept help from anyone with the correct motivation.  In tomorrow's World - any day now - Cybelian women will act together to organise their lives, and those of their menfolk, and will act in concert to stamp-out all the abuses women have to suffer. Together Cybelians will make the World a much better place. A less-violent, calmer, and more tranquill place. Become a Cybelian today, and help achieve this aim. Join the fastest-growing movement of its kind in History, and in the World today. We need more members in every country Worldwide, to make our aims a reality as soon as possible. The sooner we achieve our aims, the sooner all women will be safe from male oppression.


The original cult of Cybele came into being at least three thousand years ago - as recounted in the Cybelian History section on this site. Throughout the existance of the first cult, from its inception to its suppression, it both conflicted with the religions and philosophies of the time, and co-existed with them. The cult reached its height in Roman times, and it is from that era that we find most accounts of its activities. Its eventual suppression had less to do with its capability to exist alongside other faiths and philosophies, and everything to do with what were regarded by others as the excesses of behaviour it advocated.

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