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My own cuckolding experience

On a personal level, I myself have always enjoyed the freedom to have sex with many other men. My husband is a submissive worm, and he has had to see me having sex with more than 1,000 other men. I don’t allow him to have sex with me himself, but make him clean me up after other men have used me. I may be a dominant woman, but I’m also a slut, and I enjoy being one.





Worldwide Cybelian Movement


There are Cybelian followers in 100 countries Worldwide.


Cybelian Cuckoldry

For many married women, monogamy is the norm. However, for an increasing number of wives promiscuity has become their preferred option. Recent statistics show that more than 50% of wives have sex with other men. A Cybelian woman believes that her CUNT is her own, and that it is the woman’s right to have sex with as many men as she wishes. This is one of the main tenets of Cybelianism.


When a man gets married to a Cybelian woman he accepts all aspects of the lifestyle, including that his wife is free to have sex with many other men. In doing so he accepts that from that day forth he is a cuckold.

(Composite dictionary definition)  CUCKOLD - a weak, submissive man who lets his wife have sex with other men, do whatever she wants, and treat him like shit.

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